Approach Media is an established multimedia production agency with over 20 years of experience.

Connecting universal creative culture & experience, Approach Media offers a human-centered visual narrative to develop your stories into compelling content.

Our projects span a wide range of audio and visual work from international commercial production to local business promotional video, documentary and music videos. A consistent and underlying focus in our work is to produce engaging media giving insight into the lives and work of the talented craftsmen, artists, musicians and people we meet along the way.


From the very beginning we’ve been fascinated by the people we meet who are masters of their craft, those who can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with their own hands.

Exploring the depth and variety of the human experience has been a cornerstone of our work and values here at Approach Media, whether near or far, familiar or unknown.

There is no denying the value of quality video in our highly saturated online world, from concept to completion we've got your back on this one.

Whether in the remote north of Canada or in the far east of Nepal documenting natural disaster relief projects, we know what it takes to get the job done when the story demands that extra mile.

We specialized in youth outreach work and education-based filmmaking early on and since then we've created a range of compelling media to reach and educate the public, and serve beautiful, meaningful marketing material for the institutions we believe in.

We've created hundreds of music videos over the past 10 years: from live acoustic performances in natural settings, to orchestral symphonies, pop/rock videos and everything in between.


Learning to appreciate what is truly valuable

For many years Approach Media has prioritized working and collaborating with the First Nations people of the place we now call home. It has taken us to the far flung corners of our country and taught us many things we couldn’t have dreamed of learning otherwise. From mapping projects to language preservation films, fishing and hunting documentaries to spiritual creation story projects, we have enjoyed every minute spent immersed in the rich culture of our country and have recently expanded our scope to work with indigenous cultures across the world.


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Documentary film is at the core of what we do at Approach Media. Our films are produced across the world including narrative about corruption in Indonesia, craftsmen and artists in the English countryside, and fishing rights on Indigenous coastal people in the most remote parts of the globe.



A view from above


Viewing the world from above provides unique emotional engagement. From wildlife survey projects to wildfire risk assessment, aerial imagery is a vital part of how we tell stories. Aerial cinematography takes us across the globe and helps us build narratives in visually inspiring ways.