Arthritis Consumer Awareness - Series

We’ve been working this week with the wonderful team at Joint Health in Vancouver on a new video series that highlights the huge medical advances that have been occurring in the field of arthritis diagnosis and treatment. Its an amazing and important time in this area and the series we’ve produced for Joint Health will be part of the effort to inform and demystify the changes and developments that are happening in arthritic care over the next 12 months. 

Nepal Earthquake Documentary

We currently are out on location in Nepal this month to work on the production of a documentary about the devastating earthquake that took place there in 2015 and meet the people who survived and have been rebuilding their lives since then. While there have been a lot of logistical challenges so far we’ve been gathering some incredible material for this new documentary which is due to bel released sometime in the fall of 2021. Our friend and colleague Jay Macmillan (former acclaimed lead editor at Sherpa Cinema) is the producer for this project having been deeply personally effected by the 2015 earthquake, an we couldn’t be happier to be working with such a talented and all around great guy on this project. Here’s a few shots of the production so far, more to come. 

The Narwhall - Coal Valley

For the last few days we’ve been out on location in the Elk Valley working with our friends and colleagues The Narwhall on a new documentary to accompany their upcoming expose on the devastating effect that selenium deposits are having on the watersheds of lower BC due to mining practises. We’ve been working in some pretty challenging and freezing conditions but have been able to capture some fantastic content that will form the basis for the short documentary set for release in early December. Here’s a few shots of the team in action and some aerial photographs we’ve captured of the stunning impact that coal mining is having on the local area.